CG Timesaver Guide - Second Edition


What’s Inside The Guide?

  • What to study to become a character animator.
  • What to learn to become a VFX Artist.
  • What to learn become a Compositor.
  • How to be a CG Generalist.
  • What to learn to become a Technical Director (TD).
  • What’s needed to become a Texture Artist.
  • What to learn to become an environmental artist.
  • The most common areas of CG and where the work is RIGHT NOW.
  • What is the most common software used in the industry and what you should be learning.
  • How to focus your time and energy to get good at what you want FAST without wasting precious time.
  • How to figure out what path you want to take right now.
  • A link to a resource you should to have to learn animation, and it will be with you your whole career.
  • What’s better, going to school or self-teaching? How do you know which is best?
  • What are the best schools for learning animation and where are they?
  • A list of job boards to find the best jobs.
  • A list of freelance sites to find the best gigs.
  • Where to get free 3D models for your projects.
  • Where to get great free textures.
  • Where to find the best glossaries for CG terminologies when you really need to know what something means but don’t have time to Google it.
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A pdf ebook packed with helpful information on navigating the CG industry.

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32 pages
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CG Timesaver Guide - Second Edition

I want this!